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A-Z revision ideas pack - with 130 revision techniques
  • Perfect to download and paste onto Teams

  • Email to students revising for high-stakes exams (GCSE or A Level)

  • Great for any level, any topic and any subject

  • Ask students to vote for their top 5 ways

  • Get students to try new ways and give a review

  • Encourages students to revise by offering 130 ideas 

  • Download the first 3 below

  • Buy the whole pack for just £5


A TO Z definitions Excel Spreadsheet activity

Edexcel A Level Business revision

  • Divide up between your groups, students have to get the correct definitions for the letters they have been assigned. 

  • Build into a complete set for the whole class

  • Use Google Define:blah to find definitions or trawl past paper mark schemes

  • No there is no answer sheet (yet!)

  • Perfect of your student's targets after mocks are to improve their definitions

  • Can be set as homework task

Thinking quilt theme 4 pic.JPG
Thinking quilt theme 1 pic.JPG

Thinking Matrix

  • Edexcel A Level Business revision

  • Also known as thinking quilts

  • Students look at the terms and phrases and decide to which category or topic they belong

  • They colour in the corner of the cell if they think it belongs to that topic

  • Give Theme 1 and Theme 4 and challenge them to make themes 2 and 3 which they can share round the group

  • Perfect for students that need to learn key terms

  • Shows how topics are interconnected and leads to a discussion of bringing multiple theories into longer essay questions

Essay planning sheet pic.JPG

Essay Planning sheet

  • Edexcel A level Business but could be adapted

  • Prints out well onto A3

  • Couple with PPQs and encourage students to take a responsible risk with their planning

2023-02-15 09.51.07.jpg

CPA activity

  • Print out the sheets cut into individual cards

  • Hand cards to students with chalk pens

  • Discuss scheduling of parallel events

supply demand.JPG
  • FREE supply and demand worksheets

  • PDF prints out well onto A3 (two sheets or back to front)

  • Students complete all 8 diagrams in the boxes

  • One handy revision tool

RAG rate topics.JPG
  • RAG rate topics blank worksheet

  • perfect if your students need to revise for a test

  • Students fill in the topics in the wheel

  • They then use red amber and green (RAG) to highlight the circle up to a line

  • You can see at a glance any topics that need recovering

  • You can also see who needs help and support (lots of red) 

MOPS worksheet.JPG
  • Edexcel A-Level Business  - MOPS worksheet

  • 20-mark question practice 

  • Just add a PPQ and mark scheme and ask students to write the MOPS section

  • FREE download

  • With and without guidance (so you can write your own)

2022-12-05 07.48.03.jpg


Download this free worksheet and PowerPoint lesson 

Ideal for branding or marketing

  • You need 3 bottles of cola and paper cups (these were from the Range)

  • Students watch PowerPoint and work through the worksheet with you

  • Includes a quick silent starter where students draw a Coke and a Pepsi logo

Perfect for taster days or open evenings or end-of-term activities

Money Game.JPG

Download this FREE class revision game (PowerPoint)

  • Team game

  • You set the topics

  • Students pick a question value and topic e.g. topic 4 £200, if they get it right it gets added to their team score and you can click on that £200 value to make it disappear from the board

  • Students can also select a much harder wipeout question which will set the other team back to zero

  • You just need to have plenty of questions

  • Works on a simple macro so check with your IT department to get permission before using

  • (c) Sarah Hilton Revisionstation 2022

Revisionstation what is the question game.PNG
what pix.JPG

Download this FREE class revision game (PowerPoint)

  • Teams, classes or individual

  • Students provide the question to your answers

  • Fully editable

  • perfect for revision

  • Ideal for end of term

  • This is the Edexcel GCSE version but it can be adapted

  • Can be edited to house colours or to add teams

  • (c) Sarah Hilton Revisionstation 2022

name 3 gamre.PNG
Name 3 game pic 2.PNG

Download this FREE interactive game for whiteboards

  • 3 teams

  • Students race to find 3 of a kind then click the tiles

  • Fully editable

  • perfect for revision

  • Ideal for end of term

  • This is the Edexcel GCSE version but it can be adapted

  • Can be edited to house colours or to add teams

  • (c) Sarah Hilton Revisionstation 2022

colour matrix pix.JPG

Download this FREE retrieval keyword activity

  • Individual task

  • Set as computer activity OR print out

  • Clear up commonly confused terms

  • Extension activity instructions

  • Great as an end-of-term activity

  • Can be edited to house colours 

  • (c) Sarah Hilton Revisionstation 2022

Tem business challenge.JPG

Download this FREE interactive game for whiteboards

  • You write 15 quick questions

  • Set groups into teams

  • One-click yellow

  • Two clicks green

  • Can be edited to house colours or to add teams

  • (c) Sarah Hilton Revisionstation 2022


Download this FREE interactive notebook slide show template

  • Perfect for interactive lessons

  • Can be used to set individual tasks

  • Ideal for online lessons to engage learners

  • Fully editable

  • Works with any topic

  • Did I mention it was free?

  • (c) Sarah Hilton Revisionstation

acronyms  website pix.png

Download this FREE PowerPoint

  • Load on a shared drive VLE, Moodle, or Teams your students make their own versions of the acronyms 

  • Fully editable

  • Works with a variety of topics

  • GCSE, A Level, BTEC etc.

  • (c) Sarah Hilton Revisionstation

Interactive title PIX.JPG

Download this FREE PowerPoint

  • Interactive title slide

  • Ideal as a template

  • Students pick the topics and click the buttons

  • This takes your PowerPoint to another page

  • Return to this title slide at any time using the home buttons

  • Ideal for online lessons

  • Perfect for setting individual tasks

  • Flipped learning set 5 pieces of reading or video clips to watch

  • (c) Sarah Hilton Revisionstation 2021

Chains poster.JPG

Download FREE

Chains of reason poster (PDF)

perfect for helping your students to gain analysis marks

free business quizzes to download

Face Quiz with answers 

Logo Quiz

with answers

Car Brand Quiz

with answers updated

Free diagram Blanks to download

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Boston Box (BCG Matrix) 

Porter's 5 Forces

SWOT analysis

Porter's strategic matrix

Ansoff's Matrix

Kay's distinctive capabilities


4Ps Marketing Mix

Product lifecycle 4 stages

Product lifecycle 5 stages

Line of best fit

Horizontal integration

Vertical integration

Market map

Thinking matrix or quilt activity 

to use in PowerPoint

Structure strip for 12 mark Edexcel A Level Business Essay

Revision ideas sheet for business exams

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useful stuff

Resources that can be used in lessons but don't really fall into a category

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