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2024 edexcel a level business paper 3
teaching resources pack


Written by Sarah Hilton a current A level business examiner

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The Edexcel A level business paper 3 pre-release has been published and the context this year is the clothing retail and manufacturing industries and the businesses operating in this market. 


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What is in the pack?

This great value teaching resources pack includes:

  • 2 BRAND NEW mock exams with comprehensive answers with original content so students will not have seen the papers anywhere online

  • Teacher PowerPoints on every topic point, mapped to the specification (over 500 slides to dip in to):

• SECTION A:  Global clothing market trends: customer tastes and preferences; ethical considerations (this will be in two separate PowerPoints and worksheets as the ethics of the clothing industry is large topic on its own) SECTION A1 and SECTION A2
• SECTION B:  Forms of businesses in the UK clothing markets: independents and multinationals
• SECTION C:  Global clothing manufacturing locations
• SECTION D:  Impact of global clothing multinationals
• SECTION E:  Financial performance, planning and decisions in the
UK clothing retail market
• SECTION F:  Business growth and UK clothing retailers
• SECTION G:  Entrepreneurs and UK clothing retailers
• SECTION H:  Distribution methods used by UK clothing retailers.

  • Student versions of the PowerPoints so you can upload them to a Moodle,  VLE, Teams or shared drive and easily set individual research tasks, revision, homework or catch-up work

  • Self/peer marking grids to help students to learn where marks are awarded, get instant feedback on their effort and improve their assessment skills

  • Up-to-date relatable case studies which help students to link the business theory to topics they already know about

  • Dual coded slides to help students to unpack the more complex topics

  • Practice questions with answers

  • Calculation examples with answers

  • Plenary quizzes so you can check levels of understanding

  • Lessons that will work in a computer room or just with pens and paper

Reviewer comments

All our reviewers are experienced business teachers, heads of department, examiners and have offered to review early copies of the pack on a voluntary basis.  This is what they had to say...

Excellent resources allowing students to either go through the content for paper 3 on their own, via flipped learning or with the teacher in class. Topics are clear and information accessible to all students. The layout for the worksheets is clear which allows students to gather notes to prepare themselves for possible topics and conduct industry relevant research. I will be purchasing this for my cohort this year   Mrs S, Head of Business

The content clearly aligns with the Paper 3 bullet points of context and the subject syllabus. The content is relevant and up to date and progresses through logically.  Well organised, clearly laid out for both teacher and student. Easy to refer to and print out resources or use as an online tool which I like to give that flexibility depending on IT access or setting any work as flipped learning content or homework.  

Ms B, Business Teacher 

An amazing set of up to date, topical resources aimed precisely at the requirements of Edexcel's Business Paper 3.

Tasks are engaging, reviewing earlier content and building new understanding. Students are able to use the resources both independently and through teacher-led activities, making the purchase much more flexible.

Students are supported and stretched with each section of the specification with easy to find, well-organised worksheets and PowerPoints. With new material being found by our teaching team, we are able to integrate it into the relevant slides.

It is quick for students and staff to identify areas of strength or concern from the completion of worksheets, allowing interventions to be focused. Students have found the materials engaging and match their interests, from the business models of Shein to Patagonia.

For those of us working with non-specialists, the pack encourages staff to explore the content and to feel confident in making assessment decisions.

All in all, a very cost-effective resource for supporting the range of students for Edexcel Business Paper 3.

Mr B Acting Head of Business


Q: Why do I need to buy this pack when I could make my own resources?

A:  These packs take 60 days to write, about 480 hours.  Why not spend that time with your family and friends and relax while we do the reading, research, content creation and make the pack?  We also write two very nifty mock exams with answers which can take days to write.  These are brand NEW mocks so you can guarantee your students have not seen these questions before.

Q: What if I have already bought another pack from an alternative resource provider

A: It's a great idea to have more than one pack so you have a range of resources to dip into when you are ready to start teaching paper 3 with your year 13s.

Q: Do I get a discount if I bought the pack last year?

A: Each year we make a fresh pack so sadly no discount, but we do appreciate your customer loyalty.

Q: Can I order using a purchase order?

A: Sorry we are unable to take purchase orders, please order via the website.  You may find it easier to buy and then claim back.  Every purchase of the pre-release comes with an invoiced receipt to help you claim. 

Q: When will I get my resources?

A: It is ready now, buy today and get the resources via a instant digital download link

Q: I have other questions that are not covered here

A: Email me (author) Sarah Hilton directly:  (please don't try ringing me it's impossible to answer when I'm teaching)

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  • Colourful and engaging resources

  • Dual coded slides

  • Lots of images, links, reports and more

  • Research suggestions

  • Activities

  • Questions on slides, answers in the notes

  • Student versions of PowerPoints with no answers on them

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