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2024 edexcel a level business paper 3
teaching resources pack


The Edexcel A level business paper 3 pre-release has not been published by the exam board yet (usually end of November) for the 2024 exams


When it is published we will start writing our smashing 2024 exam teaching resources pack which will be ready end of Jan 2024 and sent out to customers via an instant download link 

Revisionstation has a long history of producing entire teaching packs for this specification and this year is no exception

Order now for just £40, this is the pre-order price which will rise once the topic has been published by Edexcel. At the end of Jan 2024 the download link to the pack will be sent to the email that makes the purchase. 

What will be in the 2024 pack?

The pack will include:

  • 2 mock exams with answers with original content so students will not have seen the papers anywhere online

  • PowerPoints on every topic point to keep your students focussed and on task

  • Student versions of the PowerPoints so you can upload them to a Moodle,  VLE, Teams or shared drive and easily set individual research tasks, revision, homework or catch-up work.

  • Self/peer marking grids to help students to learn where marks are awarded, get instant feedback on their effort and improve their assessment skills

  • Up-to-date relatable case studies which help students to link the business theory to topics they already know about

  • Dual coded slides to help students to unpack the more complex topics

  • Practice questions with answers

  • Calculation examples with answers

  • Plenary quizzes so you can check levels of understanding

  • Lessons that will work in a computer room or just with pens and paper!

£5 bargain mini packs from previous years

Here are some mini teaching resources packs from a previous years Edexcel A level Business paper 3.  Great for projects, extra practice papers, home works, holiday activity packs etc.   Please note if you bought the full paper 3 pack in previous years this is the same content.  Just a £5 for the whole pack!  Instant digital download. 

2022 paper 3 pack
2021 paper 3 resources
2020 paper 3 pack
2018 paper 3 pack
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