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Edexcel GCSE business 

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This teaching resources pack is an exciting collection of complete lessons to help you teach Theme 1 of the new specification

The bundle includes 19 PowerPoints and 19 Worksheets for every unit in:

  • Theme 1 Investigating small business

  • 1BS0 / 01

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Edexcel GCSE Business Theme 2 pack is ready now. 

It contains PowerPoints and Worksheets for every unit in:

  • Theme 2 Building a business

  • 1BS0 / 02

These teaching resource packs include:

  • Up-to-date case studies, articles and links

  • Sample questions and calculations

  • Retrieval quizzes, plenary quizzes, starters, debates, discussions, questions and more

  • Mini plenaries to chunk lessons and checkpoint understanding

  • Worksheets that go with the PowerPoints to make complete booklets for students to use in class and revise from

  • Self/peer marking grids

  • PDF version of student booklets (for quick photocopying)

  • Imagine the amount of PPA time you can save in a two year course with every lesson planned, researched, organised and all the worksheets ready to send to repro. Just write a scheme of work and enjoy your lessons!

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Hi Sarah

Just wanted to say I bought Theme 1 of your Edexcel GCSE pack and it has saved me so much time. My learners loved the worksheet booklets and all the activities.  We had some that were still working from home some of the time so they were able to use the student worksheets and PowerPoints to catch up. 

I was so pleased I am buying Theme 2 now - thank you for all the hours you put into making these packs, they have made a real difference to my workload. 

Miss B, Business Teacher (Testimonial appears with permission)

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