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Edexcel GCSE business 

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This teaching resources pack is an exciting collection of resources to help you teach Theme 1 of the new specification

The bundle includes 19 PowerPoints and 19 Worksheets for every unit in:

  • Theme 1 Investigating small business

  • 1BS0 / 01

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Edexcel GCSE Business Theme 2 pack is ready now. 

It contains PowerPoints and Worksheets for every unit in:

  • Theme 2 Building a business

  • 1BS0 / 02

These teaching resource packs include:

  • Updated case studies, articles and links

  • Lots of new sample questions and calculations

  • Retrieval quizzes

  • Plenary quizzes

  • Mini plenaries

  • Brand new rewritten worksheets

  • Self/peer marking grids

  • PDF version of student booklets (for quick photocopying)

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