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Edexcel GCSE business 

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GCSE Business teaching bundle

This is a very exciting collection of resources to help you teach both units of the latest Edexcel GCSE Business specfication 

The bundle includes a PowerPoint and Worksheet for every unit in:

  • Theme 1 Invetigating small business 1BS0 / 01

  • Theme 2 Building a business 1BS0 / 02

  • Sent as an instant digital download zip file

  • One off payment and all the resources are yours to keep

  • Full editable so you can add in your school logo or your favourite activities

  • Perfect for remote teaching on Teams, Zoom or Google Classroom

  • Superb for classrooms and lots of relatable case studies to engage mixed ability learners

Also included are lessons on:

2.1.1 Business growth

2.1.2 Changes in business aims and objectives

2.1.3 Business and globalisation

2.1.4 Ethics, the environment and business

2.2.1 Product

2.2.2 Price

2.2.3 Promotion

2.2.4 Place

2.2.5 Using the marketing mix to make business decisions

2.3.1 Business operations

2.3.2 Working with suppliers

2.3.3 Managing quality

2.3.4 The sales process

2.4.1 Business calculations

2.4.2 Understanding business performance

2.5.1 Organisational structures

2.5.2 Effective recruitment

2.5.3 Effective training and development

2.5.4 Motivation

This resource includes complete lessons on:

1.1.1 The dynamic nature of business

1.1.2 Risk and reward

1.1.3 The role of business enterprise

1.2.1 Customer needs

1.2.2 Market research

1.2.3 Market segmentation

1.2.4 The competitive environment

1.3.1 Business aims and objectives

1.3.2 Business revenues, costs and profits

1.3.3 Cash and cash-flow

1.3.4 Sources of business finance

1.4.1 The options for start-up and small businesses

1.4.2 Business location

1.4.3 The marketing mix

1.4.4 Business plans

1.5.1 Business stakeholders

1.5.2 Technology and business

1.5.3 Legislation and business

1.5.4 The economy and business

1.5.5 External influences


Save yourself 100s of hours of planning

Ideal for NQTs and PGCE students