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Edexcel a level business

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Complete 2 year teaching resources bundle

Everything you need to help your students to pass:

  • Paper 1: Marketing, people and global businesses *Paper code: 9BS0/01

  • Paper 2: Business activities, decisions and strategy *Paper code: 9BS0/02

  • Paper 3: Investigating business in a competitive environment *Paper code: 9BS0/03

This superb resource includes 80 PowerPoints and 80 worksheets on every topic in all 4 themes.  It also includes separate end-of-topic tests with answers. 
Free sample Theme 1

Theme 1 -  Marketing and People

Theme 2 -  Managing Business Activities

Theme 3 -  Business Decisions and Strategies

Theme 4 -  Global Business

This complete pack includes:
  • Lively and exciting PowerPoints on every topic area, which follow the syllabus, so you can relax and enjoy teaching our groups.  PowerPoints include; discussion questions, sample exam questions, quizzes, plenary activities, videos, links, and lots of up-to-date teenager friendly case studies.

  • Worksheets on every topic area for the whole two-year course, these are all in Word, are fully editable and carefully follow the PowerPoints.  Students complete these worksheets while you teach from the board.

  • The price includes a download link so you can get to the resources today.  Join the 100s of schools that are successfully using this complete organised system. All you need to do each morning is print out the worksheets for your group.  Some schools print a unit or a theme and give them to students as a complete pack.  They can then use the PowerPoints on a shared drive to catch up with any work they might have missed.

  • Why spend hours everyday planning and organising resources, when you can buy this pack and relax and enjoy teaching your classes knowing you have the syllabus covered. All you need to do is write a scheme of work.

Also available as separate themes:
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Example content:
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Hi Sarah

... and I just wanted to say that the Edexcel A level Bundle has been great with our year 13s this year.  We put the student presentations on the school OneDrive and students were able to catch up any lessons they had missed.  They liked all the interactive activities in the presentations in theme 4, especially the quizzes, it all got quite competitive. The staff liked the end-of-topic tests with all the answers, which made all of our formative assessments really quick to set and mark. 

Mrs S

HoD Business at a Leading School in Staffordshire

Testimonial appears with permission

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