AQA GCSE Business complete teaching pack

AQA GCSE Business complete two year teaching resource pack for the new 9-1 specification
Imagine the 100s of hours of planning time you can save with an entire two year PowerPoint an Worksheet teaching pack

The worksheets build into a superb bank of revision notes for students to use at exam time.  Each worksheet is numbered so students can keep tidy and organised files and easily see which topics they have missed.

Everything you need to help your students pass:
  • Paper 1: Influences of operations and HRM on business activity

  • Paper 2: Influences of marketing and finance on business activity



Pack Includes:
  • PowerPoints which cover every topic in the new AQA GCSE business spec

  • Worksheets to go with PowerPoints that will build into a very organised bank of notes for the students to revise from at the end of two years of study

  • PowerPoints have; quizzes, debates, discussions, activities, starters, lesson objectives, links to spec from AQA, videos, case studies, articles and more

  • Exciting and colourful content to engage mixed ability learners and keep students on task

  • All resources are fully editable and can be easily adapted so you can add a school logo or extra activities suitable for your teaching context

  • Save yourself hours of planning, why re-invent the wheel every Sunday night?

  • Closely follow the AQA GCSE 9-1 new syllabus

  • Use a system already successfully used by 100s of schools and colleges

  • Get back control of your classroom with tight lessons with chunked and scaffolded activities

  • Boost your student’s grades

  • Fully editable resources written in Word and PowerPoints so you can add a school logo or add in your favourite activities

  • Buy the pack and then just write a scheme of work – it’s that simple!

  • Exciting and colourful PowerPoints on every topic area which include; starters, lesson objectives, plenary activities, sample questions, quizzes videos and teenager friendly case studies which help to engage mixed ability learners.

Who is this good for?
  • PGCE students looking for some structure

  • NQTs who need a helping hand until they develop their own resources

  • Established departments who are looking for an injection of new ideas or work for cover

  • Non subject specialists - if you don't normally teach business, these packs contain everything you need to teach the course and get great results

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AQA A Level Business complete teaching pack ready now

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If you find yourself having to teach AQA A Level Business this year and you need a complete bundle of ready lessons, then this pack is for you:

  • Each and every topic in the two year AQA A Level Business course is here, with lots of student examples, questions, activities, all the theory and case studies which are up-to-date and relatable.

  • The lessons include starters, plenaries and a glossary, so they are a one-stop-shop for the qualification.

  • Imagine the time that you can save by having these already prepared.  

  • The whole pack is ideal in case you have to teach remotely, all the resources will work with; teams, Google classroom and email systems.

  • Written by a current business HOD at a leading Derbyshire school, who has been a business examiner for over 20 years

  • Tried and tested activities to engage mixed ability learners and get the best out of your students

A huge thank you to 'Taking the Biz' and 'Bee Business Bee' who allow us to link to their fabulous revision videos!


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