AQA GCSE business

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Complete 2 year teaching resources pack

Everything you need to help your students pass:

  • Paper 1: Influences of operations and HRM on business activity

  • Paper 2: Influences of marketing and finance on business activity

What is included:

  • PowerPoints which cover every topic in the new AQA GCSE business spec

  • Worksheets to go with PowerPoints that will build into a very organised bank of notes for the students to revise from at the end of two years of study

  • PowerPoints have; quizzes, debates, discussions, activities, starters, lesson objectives, links to spec from AQA, videos, case studies, articles and more

  • Exciting and colourful content to engage mixed ability learners and keep students on task

  • All resources are fully editable and can be easily adapted so you can add a school logo or extra activities suitable for your teaching context


  • Save yourself hours of planning, why re-invent the wheel every Sunday night?

  • Closely follow the AQA GCSE 9-1 new syllabus

  • Use a system already successfully used by 100s of schools and colleges

  • Boost your student’s grades

  • Fully editable resources written in Word and PowerPoints so you can add a school logo or add in your favourite activities

  • Exciting and colourful PowerPoints on every topic area which include; starters, lesson objectives, plenary activities, sample questions, quizzes videos and teenager friendly case studies which help to engage mixed ability learners.

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3.1.1 The purpose and nature of businesses

3.1.2 Business ownership

3.1.3 Setting business aims and objectives

3.1.4 Stakeholders

3.1.5 Business location

3.1.6 Business planning

3.1.7 Expanding a business

3.2.1 Technology

3.2.2 Ethical and environmental considerations

3.2.3 The economic climate on businesses

3.2.4 Globalisation

3.2.5 Legislation

3.2.6 Competitive environment

3.3.1 Production processes

3.3.2 The role of procurement

3.3.3 The concept of quality

3.3.4 Good customer services

3.4.1 Organisational structures

3.4.2 Recruitment and selection of employees

3.4.3 Motivating employees

3.4.4 Training

3.5.1 Identifying and understanding customers

3.5.2 Segmentation

3.5.3 The purpose and methods of market research

3.5.4 The elements of the marketing mix: price, product, promotion and place (4Ps)

3.6.1 Sources of finance

3.6.2 Cash flow

3.6.3 Financial terms and calculations

3.6.4 Analysing the financial performance of a business