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AQA GCSE business

Complete 2 year teaching resources bundle

Everything you need to help your students pass:

  • Paper 1: Influences of operations and HRM on business activity

  • Paper 2: Influences of marketing and finance on business activity

What is included:

  • PowerPoints which cover every topic in the new AQA GCSE business spec

  • Worksheets to go with PowerPoints that will build into a very organised bank of notes for the students to revise from at the end of two years of study

  • PowerPoints have; quizzes, debates, discussions, activities, starters, lesson objectives, links to spec from AQA, videos, case studies, articles and more

  • Exciting and colourful content to engage mixed ability learners and keep students on task

  • All resources are fully editable and can be easily adapted so you can add a school logo or extra activities suitable for your teaching context


  • Save yourself hours of planning, why re-invent the wheel every Sunday night?

  • Closely follow the AQA GCSE 9-1 new syllabus

  • Use a system already successfully used by 100s of schools and colleges

  • Boost your student’s grades

  • Fully editable resources written in Word and PowerPoints so you can add a school logo or add in your favourite activities

  • Exciting and colourful PowerPoints on every topic area which include; starters, lesson objectives, plenary activities, sample questions, quizzes videos and teenager friendly case studies which help to engage mixed ability learners.

Buy a pack, then just write your scheme of work - it's that simple!

What's New?

  • Brand new end-of-topic tests for every unit

  • Retrieval quizzes to help your students to review previous lessons

  • Self / peer review grids to develop your student's skills in assessing and providing feedback

  • Plenary quizzes to check understanding before moving on

  • Dual coded slides to improve recall and retention

  • Up-to-date case studies making it easier for your students to relate to something they already know about, increasing engagement

  • Brand new re-designed worksheets with 100s of new questions, activities, calculations and more

New features

  • PDF student booklets for each unit to speed up photocopying

  • PDF versions of each worksheet to improve compatibility between Office versions

  • Word versions so all activities are editable or you can add in your school logo

  • Student versions of PowerPoints that you can load onto your VLE / Moodle to set as homework or for catch-up activities or revision sessions


Testimonial from Woodbrook Vale School

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