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AQA GCSE Business : Unit 3.6 Finance ONLY
  • AQA GCSE Business : Unit 3.6 Finance ONLY

    GCSE AQA Business complete teaching resources pack for Unit 3.6 Finance (only)


    This pack Includes:

    • PowerPoints which cover topic 3.6 Finance (only) in the new AQA GCSE business spec
    • Worksheets to go with PowerPoints that will build into a very organised bank of notes for the students to revise from
    • PowerPoints have; quizzes, debates, discussions, activities, starters, lesson objectives, links to spec from AQA, videos, case studies, articles and more
    • Exciting and colourful content to engage mixed ability learners and keep students on task
    • All resources are fully editable and can be easily adapted so you can add a school logo or extra activities suitable for your teaching context


    Contents of this pack:

    3.6 Finance (unit title)

    This includes the following topics:

    3.6.1 Sources of finance

    3.6.2 Cash flow

    3.6.3 Financial terms and calculations

    3.6.4 Analysing the financial performance of a business


    Exciting features of this new pack:

    • End of topic test for unit 3.6
    • PDF versions of the 3.6 student booklet to make photocopying easier
    • PDF and Word versions of worksheets
    • Student versions of Powerpoints so you can upload them to your Moodle / VLE / Shared drive
    • Plenary quizzes
    • Retention challenge matrix quizzes
    • New sample questions
    • Lots of questions on slides to prompt discussion
    • More calculation practice
    • Up-to-date relatable case studies
    • New worksheets with less 'copying from the board' and more interaction and analysis
    • Research and suggested activities to drill deeper into some of the topics


    Benefits of this new pack:

    • Past paper questions ready to be set for homework
    • Lots of activities on the slides and in the worksheets
    • New peer marking grids so students can mark their own or peer mark the past paper questions


    Why you should buy this pack:

    • Every lesson for unit 3.6 is ready to go, just put the PowerPoint on, hand out the worksheets and write a scheme of work and enjoy your lessons!
    • Written by an award-winning business teacher and author who is a business examiner
    • Mapped to the specification so perfect for ECTs or non-subject specialists or even for established departments who are looking for some fresh ideas
    • PDF versions to speed up photocopying
    • A very organised bank of lessons for the complete qualification



    • Download information

      The download link will be sent automatically after payment is cleared so please check your junk and clutter folder

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