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Free sample resources

Free sample resources, feel free to download as many packs as you want.  Most come as Zip files. 

Edexcel A Level Business Paper 3 

READY NOW! Order today and get an instant digital download link

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IGCSE Bundle.png
Ready now for instant digital download
  • Brand new pack for this syllabus

  • PowerPoints and worksheets on every topic

  • Quantitative skills worksheet and Powerpoint

  • Retrieval quizzes

  • Plenary quizzes

  • Starters

  • Mini plenaries

  • Follows the specification exactly

  • Suggested activities

  • All the theory

  • Up-to-date international case studies and examples

Ready now! AQA A level Business 2 year pack
  • Completely rewritten to match the new specification changes

  • New updated relatable case studies

  • New retrieval quizzes

  • Every topic has a comprehensive PowerPoint and worksheet

  • Worksheets in PDF form easy to send to repro

  • Student versions of PowerPoints (no answers) so they can be set as cover, catch-up, flipped learning tasks or homework

  • Everything is fully editable so you can add or remove activities to suit your context

  • All questions include answers

  • New plenary quizzes

All 4 2022.JPG
Edexcel A level business complete bundle
  • All 4 themes

  • 80 PowerPoints

  • 80 Worksheets

  • End of topic tests

  • Complete teaching resources bundle

Best 1.JPG
Also available to buy as individual themes
Edexcel A Level Business (600 x 600 px) products.png
Edexcel A Level Business (600 x 600 px) products (1).png
Edexcel A Level Business (600 x 600 px) products (2).png
Edexcel A Level Business (600 x 600 px) products (3).png

Same great content as the main bundle, just buy the parts you would like resources for

Download free samples for all 4 themes now

Our fantastic Edexcel GCSE Business packs
Edexcel GCSE Business.png
  • PowerPoints

  • Worksheets

  • All mapped to the specification

  • Recently updated

  • Available to buy as two separate units

Edexcel GCSE Business (1).png

  • Complete 2-year teaching resources bundle

  • 32 PowerPoints

  • 32 Worksheets

  • Also available to buy as 6 separate units

Our bestselling AQA GCSE Business packs
Best 1.JPG
OCR GCSE business (600 x 600 px).png
Our popular OCR GCSE Business packs

Complete 2-year teaching resources bundle

  • Recently updated

  • 32 PowerPoints

  • 32 Worksheets

  • This resource is also available to buy in separate units

Edexcel International A Level Business teaching resources
advanced level business (1).png
advanced level business.png
advanced level business (2).png
advanced level business (3).png
Complete Edexcel AS level Business resource pack
Edexel AS Business.png

Edexcel AS business complete teaching resources pack (two year bundle)

8BS0/01 and 8BS0/02

  • Theme 1

  • Theme 2

  • 42 PowerPoints

  • 42 Worksheets

Edexcel AS level Business also available as separate themes
AS theme 1.JPG

AS Edexcel Business 

Theme 1 (only): Marketing and people

  • 24 Powerpoints

  • 24 Worksheets

AS theme 2.JPG

 AS Edexcel Business 

Theme 2 (only): Managing Business Activities

  • 18 Powerpoints

  • 18  Worksheets

100s of brand new questions and examples for students to practice learning the numerical skills for the Edexcel A Level Business exams (also suitable for the Pearson Edexcel International A Level Business exams). Step-by-step walkthroughs, explanations and examples.  Can be used in class, or 1-2-1. Can be set as homework with students able to self mark the practice questions. Try the free sample now!

Edexcel A Level Business
Pearson International Edexcel Business
Tricky Topics Revision Pack

Our brand new bolt-on revision pack is for those studying Edexcel A Level or International A Level Business.


Worksheet question and answer booklets to help students master the numerical skills:

  • Quantitative Sales Forecasting

  • Break-even

  • Capacity Utilisation calculations

  • Human Resource Management Calculations

  • Investment appraisal

  • Price Elasticity of Demand (PED)

  • Income Elasticity of Demand (YED)

  • Ratio Analysis of financial accounts

  • Supply and demand

  • Profit calculations

  • Decision Trees

  • Critical Path Analysis

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