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Edexcel GCSE Business Theme 2 (only)
  • Edexcel GCSE Business Theme 2 (only)


    Edexcel GCSE Business Theme 2 (only) complete teaching resources bundle

    Theme 2: Building a business (Paper code: 1BS0/02)



    ● Topic 2.1 Growing the business
    ● Topic 2.2 Making marketing decisions
    ● Topic 2.3 Making operational decisions
    ● Topic 2.4 Making financial decisions
    ● Topic 2.5 Making human resource decisions


    What's new in this pack?

    • 100s of new questions to ask in class time (in bold red) 
    • Lots of new suggested activities to set for homework
    • More research tasks
    • More mini plenaries
    • More plenary quizzes
    • Retrieval quizzes
    • Lots of new updated relatable case studies
    • Lots of new calculation practice questions
    • Completely new worksheets (less copying from the board more interactive) 
    • Complete student booklets in PDF format ready for photocopying


    Benefits of this pack

    • Every single lesson completely ready for a year of teaching
    • We have included student worksheets into PDF booklets ready to print, these are also available in Word so you can edit them e.g. add in your own school logo
    • All the theories and all the content is closely mapped to the Edexcel GCSE Syllabus so you know you have covered all the content
    • Full editable


    This resource includes complete lessons on:

    2.1.1 Business growth

    2.1.2 Changes in business aims and objectives

    2.1.3 Business and globalisation

    2.1.4 Ethics, the environment and business

    2.2.1 Product

    2.2.2 Price

    2.2.3 Promotion

    2.2.4 Place

    2.2.5 Using the marketing mix  to make business decisions

    2.3.1 Business operations

    2.3.2 Working with suppliers

    2.3.3 Managing quality

    2.3.4 The sales process

    2.4.1 Business calculations

    2.4.2 Understanding business performance

    2.5.1 Organisational structures

    2.5.2 Effective recruitment

    2.5.3 Effective training and development

    2.5.4 Motivation

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