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Tricky topics (A Level Business) worksheets bundle

Revision worksheets

  • Student workbooks and separate answer packs

  • Encourage independent work

  • Help your students to navigate the trickier topics on the syllabus

  • This complete pack includes editable Word worksheets suitable for Edexcel A Level business students

  • Tricky topics worksheets are useful for whole class or individual use

  • Boost student grades and guide them through the harder topic areas

  • Worksheets have been designed with students in mind. 

  • Each resource gives explanations and walkthrough examples

  • Worksheets can also help your students to master the trickier calculations by giving them lots of new practice examples to sink their teeth into

Topics included in this pack

  • YED

  • PED

  • CPA

  • Investment Appraisal

  • Quantitative Sales Forecasting

  • Supply and demand

  • Decision Trees

  • Ratio Analysis

  • Break-even 

  • Profit Calculations

  • HRM calculations

  • Capacity Utilisation

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Packs include:

  • Walkthroughs

  • Introduction

  • Explanations

  • Formulae

  • Samples questions

  • Ideal for students who need to stop and take some extra time to grasp these topics.

  • Perfect to hand out as homework or to use for revision sessions

  • A great resource bank to set as work to complete over a holiday or half-term as students can self-check their answers

  • Ideal for teachers or tutors working 1-2-1 or teaching from home

 I have been using Sarah’s resources for the last three and a half years for the Edexcel A level specification and I am delighted with them. The 2-year bundle pack presentations are superb. The content is both engaging and clearly explained; even challenging topics on CPA, decision trees, investment appraisal is simplified for students. The tricky topics are also a great additional resource and the pre-release teacher pack gives students everything they need to prepare for Paper 3. Whether you are a newly qualified or an experienced teacher, I would not hesitate to recommend these resources and they are excellent value for money. Thank you, Sarah.

Mr H O'Neill Business Teacher in London
CPA questions.JPG

Just wanted to say thank - you, this pack is going to be so handy!

Ms D Business Teacher

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