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Using diagram blanks to scaffold work in business teaching

Scaffolding in a business teaching context means supporting the student’s work before they are ready to work totally independently.

A learning task might include the research phase, planning phase, a first draft and then completed work. The templates can help in all these stages to scaffold the learning (or in other words support the learning task).

These templates can also help to break the learning into manageable chunks which reduces the negative feelings that the student might have towards the task.

This helps to avoid student statements such as “This is rubbish I can’t draw that diagram right, I don’t have a ruler, why do we have to draw this anyway, what a waste of time.”

Three key advantages to using blank diagram templates in business teaching:

1. To speed up diagram making, you are not waiting for students to draw complex diagrams before you can discuss the theory

2. To make more consistent displays, once they are all filled in they will make a nice display on your classroom wall

3. To make sure the focus of the student’s attention is on the theory not on the drawing of the diagram

In business exams students are not required to draw diagrams, so using templates as a way to pull together the theory makes more sense and is a better use of students’ time.

There are a number of blank diagram templates on the site

I hope that has been useful

Sarah Hilton

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