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5 easy ways to improve marks in GCSE, BTEC and A Level Business exams

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

No 1 Handwriting

If the examiner cannot read the writing they cannot mark it. Students need to be reminded to slow down and do their very best writing and cross out neatly. One suggestion to improve this is to use regular peer marking as their classmates will soon tell them that they cannot read the writing.

No 2 Conclusions

If students continue their argument into the conclusion then it's not a supported judgement or evaluation. It must be seen as a 3-course meal; The starter is the definition demonstrating knowledge and understanding. The main course is the argument and counter argument. Judgement or conclusion is dessert. Dessert should not be mixed with the main course, imagine an apple pie on top of the gravy.

No 3 Application

All sentences that are written should be about the case business (exception is a two-mark question or multiple choice). Sentences that don't score; 'the business could' 'the business might' they should...' and so on. Students are showing that they can apply the theory to a given business or industry. Statements that don't discuss the case study and are 'generic' will have a serious impact on marks and the overall grade.

"The business is the biggest and have their own brand food as everything has got more expensive and shoppers don't have as much money since COVID."


"Tesco is the UK's largest supermarket, and have increased their own brand Tesco Value range as a response to the increases in the cost of living. This has been due to the pandemic which has changed the way that consumers shop at supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury's and ASDA, for their food."

No 4 Get off the fence

Students that use both options in the conclusion are still on the fence, or still arguing the points. They should choose one option and explain why they have chosen this option, using information from the case study to support their conclusion.

"In the short term, Tesco should focus on own-label products, in the long term they should open warehouse-style stores..."


"In conclusion looking at extract A, it's clear to see that Tesco should introduce the warehouse-style stores to compete against their rivals Aldi and Lidl..."

No 5 Quantitative skills

When faced with a table of numbers or a chart to read take time and care to read accurately and then use this information in the answer to improve the grade.

"The price of butter has gone up loads, but might come down."


"Reading from Chart A it's clear to see that the price of butter at Tesco has risen from £3 to £7.50 in 2022, this sharp increase of £4 means..."

I hope that has helped - Sarah Hilton 2022

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