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Edexcel A level Business Paper 3 

Our NEW teaching resources pack is READY NOW!

Highlights include:

  • Two NEW Paper 3 mocks with answers

  • PPTs on every topic area

  • Worksheets on every topic area

  • Suggested activities and research 

The model in the graphic above is my son Charles (who is currently training to be a teacher) and all images appear with his permission.

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Our portfolio of business teaching resource packs


We regularly update our business teaching resource packs, and these are four of our most recent publications.

  • Save yourself 100s of hours of planning

  • Use these as complete teaching packs for non-subject specialists

  • Ideal for ECT or PGCE students

  • Perfect for established departments looking to add some fresh resources

  • Engage all learners with exciting lessons

  • Written by an award-winning teacher and author

  • Tried and tested starters, plenaries and lesson activities 

    • A Level Business; Edexcel and AQA

    • International A-level Business; Edexcel (Pearson)

    • GCSE Business; AQA, Edexcel and OCR

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“I have been using Sarah’s resources for the last three and a half years for the Edexcel A level specification and I am delighted with them. The 2-year bundle pack presentations are superb. The content is both engaging and clearly explained; even challenging topics on CPA, decision trees, investment appraisal is simplified for students. The tricky topics are also a great additional resource and the pre-release teacher pack gives students everything they need to prepare for Paper 3. Whether you are a newly qualified or an experienced teacher, I would not hesitate to recommend these resources and they are excellent value for money. Thank you, Sarah. "

Jane England

East Leake Academy

"I have to say your resources are absolutely amazing. I can't thak you enough for all the time and effort you have put in to make my life (and the life of so many other tecahers I imagine) so much easier.  You are a credit to our profession and you should be hugely proud of yourself."

International Business teacher in Qatar -  Sara De Paula

"Thank you for your resources. I bought the full pack of IAL Business (IAS and IA2) and they are amazing and extremely helpful. Have a wonderful day, Sara"
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