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June 2022:  Paper 3: Investigating business in a competitive environment

This year the competitive environment is the international sports events industry and the UK sports retail businesses 

When will the teaching pack be ready?

Ready now - order today and get the digital download link today!

What will the teaching pack contain?

PowerPoints on every research point: trends, markets, marketing, HRM, Government and global influences

Worksheets to go with every PowerPoint that link with the topics and with the themes from the specification. Also, there will be a full two-hour mock exam with answers. 

How much is the teaching pack?

£60 which will give you weeks of activities for your year 13s.  Give them the best possible support with this exciting resource pack. 


This is an overview of just one of the worksheets in the pack. It builds into a comprehensive revision resource for the students. 

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This is an overview of just one of the PowerPoints in the pack and shows how colourful and organised the slides are. Weeks of activities to keep your students focussed on the Sports Retail industry and in the International Sports Events industry. 

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This year's pack also includes some of the mock papers from Revisionstation.  These are not available anywhere online so students cannot Google the answers.  Perfect for home works!


At Revisionstation we specialise in writing resource packs to help you deliver exciting multi-media business lessons to your groups:

  • Save yourself 100s of hours of planning

  • Use these as complete teaching packs for non-subject specialists

  • Ideal for NQT or PGCE students

  • Perfect for established departments looking to add some fresh resources

  • Engage mixed ability learners with exciting lessons

  • Written by an award winning teacher and author

  • Tried and tested starters, plenaries and lesson activities 

    • A Level Business; Edexcel and AQA

    • International A level Business; Edexcel (Pearson)

    • GCSE Business; AQA, Edexcel and OCR

See what our customers say about our resources:
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"I have been using Sarah’s resources for the last three and a half years for the Edexcel A level specification and I am delighted with them. The 2-year bundle pack presentations are superb. The content is both engaging and clearly explained; even challenging topics on CPA, decision trees, investment appraisal is simplified for students. The tricky topics are also a great additional resource and the pre-release teacher pack gives students everything they need to prepare for Paper 3. Whether you are a newly qualified or an experienced teacher, I would not hesitate to recommend these resources and they are excellent value for money. Thank you, Sarah." 


Welcome to Revisionstation, we write and sell smashing resources for busy business teachers, at budget prices. 


Due to popular demand we have now put sample packs on our free stuff page so you can try before you buy. 


Just download and use the resources and see how a complete Revisionstation teaching resources pack could save you 100s of hours of your planning time.

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Resource packs to help you teach business:

At Revisionstation we are busy writing new resources all the time, and our teaching resource packs include PowerPoint presentations and worksheets to go along with the presentations. 


For all resources there is a one time payment which means that the resources are yours to keep and adapt as you see fit for your teaching and learning context. All purchases will get an automatic link to download the resources today.

Benefits of the Revisionstation teaching resource packs:

  • No waiting, with a digital download you get your resources TODAY

  • Support from the author via email

  • Written by a current business studies HOD, teacher and business examiner

  • Save planning time, feel free to edit our Word and PowerPoint docs to add in your own favourite activities

  • No more clunky schemes of work with awkward out of date links

  • No more boring over complicated worksheets

  • Engage mixed ability learners with exciting case studies and multimedia content

  • 100s of suggested extra activities and questions

  • Sample questions which you can set for home work


I teach on the newly reformed AQA 9-1 GCSE Business course and have used Revisionstation’s resources to support my delivery. Revisionstation’s resources are closely aligned to the specification throughout and include relevant links to recent news stories and related videos. These resources are incredibly engaging and the students value the structure of accompanying booklets for each topic and PowerPoint. These resources also blend a range of revision activities with relevant assessment questions for each of the course topics. I therefore highly recommend the purchase of this resource pack to any teacher delivering this qualification. Mr S O J Stones, Associate Leader Maths Economics, Business and Computing Norton College.