Coronavirus update: If you have to teach your GCSE or A Level Business classes from home then our packs closely follow the syllabus and all the activities could be carried out remotely by students.

All you need to do is email students a PowerPoint or parts of a PowerPoint for them to work through.  Send them the worksheets that are on Word and they can complete them from the PowerPoint activities

  • No need for Teams or drives or Skype or any tricky tech knowledge

  • Simple lessons that students can complete at home and can be emailed

  • Lots of exam questions that they can email you the answers and you can send feedback via email.

Author's note: I am already teaching my groups from home using these packs and if you have any questions please email me.

If you would like your school to pay please drop me an email and I can ping you the link and send them an invoice. (Even if they are currently closed). 

Teach business from home packs

teaching resource packs

Resource packs to help you teach business:

At Revisionstation we are busy writing new resources all the time, and our teaching resource packs include PowerPoint presentations and worksheets to go along with the presentations.  For all resources there is a one time payment which means that the resources are yours to keep and adapt as you see fit for your teaching and learning context. All purchases will get an automatic link to download the resources today.

Benefits of the Revisionstation teaching resource packs:

  • No waiting, with a digital download you get your resources TODAY

  • Support from the author via email

  • Written by a current business studies HOD, teacher and business examiner

  • Save planning time, feel free to edit our Word and PowerPoint docs to add in your own favourite activities

  • No more clunky schemes of work with awkward out of date links

  • No more boring over complicated worksheets

  • Engage mixed ability learners with exciting case studies and multimedia content

  • 100s of suggested extra activities and questions

  • Sample questions which you can set for home work

I teach on the newly reformed AQA 9-1 GCSE Business course and have used Revisionstation’s resources to support my delivery. Revisionstation’s resources are closely aligned to the specification throughout and include relevant links to recent news stories and related videos. These resources are incredibly engaging and the students value the structure of accompanying booklets for each topic and PowerPoint. These resources also blend a range of revision activities with relevant assessment questions for each of the course topics. I therefore highly recommend the purchase of this resource pack to any teacher delivering this qualification. Mr S O J Stones, Associate Leader Maths Economics, Business and Computing Norton College.


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