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OCR GCSE Business Units 6 and 7 (only)

OCR GCSE Business Units 6 and 7 (only)

OCR GCSE Business Unit 6: Influences on business AND Unit 7 The Interdependent nature of business

Teaching resources pack


Contents of this pack:

6.1 Ethical and environmental considerations

6.2 The economic climate

6.3 Globalisation

7. 1 The interdependent nature of business


Benefits of this pack:

  • Each unit contains worksheets and Powerpoints closely mapped to the specification
  • Student versions of the worksheets in PDF to speed up photocopying
  • Student versions of the PowerPoints so you can set tasks for revision, homework or catch-up
  • Up-to-date relatable case studies, to help students to link theory to something they already know
  • Dual-coded slides helps students to remember complex ideas more easily
  • Worksheets that closely follow the slides to keep your students on task and engaged
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