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Edexcel International A Level Business Unit 2 (only)
  • Edexcel International A Level Business Unit 2 (only)

    Edexcel International Advanced Level Business

    Unit 2: Managing Business Activities (ONLY)


    Brand new updated teaching resources pack.  Includes PowerPoints and worksheets on every topic.  Also includes Student versions of the Powerpoints which can be loaded onto a shared area and set as homework, or as catch-up if a student has been absent, or used for cover lessons.  The worksheets come as Word documents which can be easily edited and also in PDF format which can be quickly photocopied and given to students. 



    Retrieval quizzes

    Plenary Quizzes


    Case studies


    Exam questions




    1 Planning
    2 Internal Finance
    3 External Finance
    4 Forms of Business
    5 Liability


    1 Sales revenue and costs
    2 Sales Forecasting
    3 Break even
    4 Cash flow
    5 Budgets


    1 Profit
    2 Liquidity
    3 Business failure


    1 Production, productivity and efficiency
    2 Capacity utilisation
    3 Inventory control
    4 Quality management


    1 Economic influences
    2 Legislation
    3 The competitive environment



    • Save yourself hours of planning
    • Exciting and colourful resources suitable for a range of schools and colleges
    • Fully editable so you can add your own school logo or favourite activities
    • Sample exam questions at the end of every PowerPoint and worksheet to help your students practice the skills that they have learned
    • PowerPoints include; quizzes, discussion questions, video links and activities all chunked to help your learners achieve the best grades possible.
    • One time payment and the resources are yours, no subscriptions to pay
    • Exciting resources to help you engage your students.
    • Up-to-date teenager-friendly case studies help to bring the topics to life.

    International A Level Edexcel Teaching Resources Unit 2 only

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