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Edexcel iGCSE Business Topic 2 People in business ONLY
  • Edexcel iGCSE Business Topic 2 People in business ONLY

    Pearson Edexcel International GCSE Business 9-1  (4BS1)


    This includes PowerPoints and worksheets on the following topics:

    2.2 Internal and External communication

    2.2 Recruitment and selection process

    2.3 Training

    2.4 Motivation and rewards

    2.5 Organisation structure and employees



    The pack includes worksheets in Word format so you can edit them and in PDF so they are quick to send to print.  They build into nice booklets and follow the PowerPoints so students are fully engaged with your lessons.


    The pack also includes PowerPoints in Teacher and Student format.  The student format has no answers which means you can put them on Frog / Moodle / Shared Drive / Teams etc for students to access.  These can be used for:

    • Homeworks
    • Independent study
    • Cover lessons
    • Flipped learning tasks
    • Tasks for when students are working outside of the classroom for any reason
    • Sent to a student working from home


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