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New Spec AQA A Level Business updated teaching pack
  • New Spec AQA A Level Business updated teaching pack

    AQA A Level Business complete teaching resources pack (New spec) 

    Brand new pack updated for the new spec updates released by AQA for first exams in 2024

    This purchase is for the complete two-year teaching resources pack for the AQA A Level business 7131 and 7132


    The new updated pack contains:

    All the changes from the NEW spec from AQA have been carefully changed and checked

    • New relatable case studies
    • Updated charts and graphs
    • New company information 
    • Lots of new questions (on almost every slide) to make your lessons more interactive
    • BRAND NEW Retrieval quizzes
    • Updated links and videos (now with duration)
    • Better designed worksheets
    • More challenging plenary quizzes
    • Tried and tested starter activities


    Imagine the time you could save with every single updated lesson Powerpoint AND worksheet carefully prepared with lots of activities, articles, videos, discussions, starters, plenaries, lesson objectives, and a glossary.  Every lesson for the entire 2-year AQA A Level Business course is ready to go.  Just photocopy the worksheets for the students, write a scheme of work and that is your planning done for 2 years. 


    All the past papers have been sifted through, and any suitable example exam questions have been added to the PowerPoints and worksheets.  Imagine how much time this will save you in a very busy teaching year.


    You have all the answers and the packs can be used for homework, class work, revision or just put onto a Moodle / VLE / shared drive for students who have been absent to use to catch up.


    Contents of this pack:

    31 What is business

    32 Managers and leaders

    33 Marketing Management

    34 Operational Management

    35 Financial Management

    36 Human Resource Management

    37 Strategic position

    38 Strategic direction

    39 How to pursue strategies

    310 Managing strategic change


    All the worksheets are saved as PDFs for faster photocopying

    A student version of the PowerPoints (no answers) to upload to a shared drive so they can catch up any sessions missed or you can set as cover or as homework


    Benefits and features

    • Every single lesson has been fact-checked and is engaging for students used to a heavy diet of multimedia. 
    • Worksheets that go with the PowerPoints keep all your students on task and looking your way. 
    • Every resource is fully editable so you can add your school or college logo. 
    • You can also easily add in your own activities or adapt those given.
    • Lots of calculation examples for students to try and plenty of past paper questions to set as homework.
    • All lessons include starters, lesson objectives and plenaries and are designed to be as colourful and interesting as possible, using relatable business examples. 



    If you are a teacher who is looking for ways to save time, money, and hassle, then using ready-made teaching resources may be a good option for you.


    • Download information

      This product will be sent instantly as a digital download link to a zip file, please check your junk and clutter folders for the email.

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