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Edexcel International A Level Business Unit 1 (only)

Edexcel International A Level Business Unit 1 (only)

International Advanced Level Business – Unit 1 (only) Marketing and People



  • Updated case studies
  • Re-written worksheets
  • New activities
  • Lots of questions
  • Sample questions
  • Retrieval quizzes
  • Plenary quizzes



Contents of this pack:

131 Meeting Customer needs
1 The Market
2 Market research
3 Market positioning


132 The Market
1 Demand
2 Supply
3 Markets


133 Marketing Mix
1 Marketing objectives
2 Product and service design
3 Promotion and branding
4 Pricing strategies
5 Distribution


134 Managing People
1 Approaches to staffing
2 Recruitment
3 Organisational design
4 Motivation
5 Leadership


135 Entrepreneurs
1 Role of entrepreneurs
2 Entrepreneurial motives
3 Business objectives
4 Business choices



  • Save yourself hours of planning
  • Exciting and colourful resources suitable for a range of schools and colleges
  • Fully editable so you can add your own school logo or favourite activities
  • Sample exam questions at the end of every PowerPoint and worksheet to help your students practice the skills that they have learned
  • PowerPoints include; quizzes, discussion questions, video links and activities all chunked to help your learners achieve the best grades possible
  • One-time payment and the resources are yours, no subscriptions to pay
  • Exciting resources to help you engage your students
  • Up-to-date relatable case studies help to bring the topics to life
  • Download information

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