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Ideas for business classroom displays

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

So this week I am thinking about classroom displays. Facebook has thrown lots of American Primary school displays on my feed and I am feeling inspired. Just because my students are older does not mean that they won’t enjoy or benefit from a classy display.

This year the Edexcel A Level Business pre-release topic is holidays and it has made me a bit giddy. I have been writing the Revisionstation resource pack for this since the end of November and now I have a really clear idea in my mind of what I wanted to do to my teaching room.  I share it with other subjects, but I take up the bulk of the week in there, so I blew the remainder of my department budget on some cool items to make the room look good.

Wall displays for the holiday A Level topic

I bought a full-sized wall poster of the world – which as it turns out is super useful when teaching International Business, Trade blocs, import-export and so on. Students have enjoyed standing up and pointing to Venezuela or Brazil.  This week, after the Dyson announcement that he is moving his HQ from the UK to Singapore, we were finding it on the map and speculating on the reasons for his decision.  I dug out an old TV clip of him 10 years ago insisting that he would stay in the UK no matter what. This proved the dynamic nature of business.

I also bought a Hawaiian skirt for the edge of the desk, as it is chipboard just some coloured drawing pins and it looks the part. I wanted some giant cutouts of surfboards and some plastic palm trees, but by that point, I had run out of money.

My year 8 form, which I register elsewhere in the school, now all want to visit the “Hawaiian room”.

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