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5 ways to teach business remotely

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Here are some ideas if you have to teach business online:

1) Teamwork on teams: Use TEAMS to send out quizzes

such as a logo quiz, news quiz or scavenger hunt. Divide your group into teams send them a list of initials and they can organise a group chat for that team. I used Perk Points (a nod to Far Cry) but you can use anything imaginary. I had tiebreakers and extra fun activities.

2) Mind palace / knowledge bank: Send students a few slides with some video links and questions and they can build up a bank of knowledge. For example ethics…. Lots of videos of Nike, Foxconn, McLibel and BP Deepwater Horizon. Watch the clips and base the questions on the clips.

3) On your marks draw: Diagram task to take theories (such as PEG or PESTLE) and use either hand drawing or a free online program like Canva to produce fantastic diagrams to help them remember the topic.

4) Scrapbook challenge: Create a scrapbook of the most recent business news with links to the theory covered. This can be a project that lasts until the end of the year or used as a short activity. They can do this online there are lots of digital scrapbook type sites that are free to use, I still love this one:

5) TikTok famous: Make it better – send a short business video, on a topic you are studying and challenge students to make a better version on their phone or laptop and send it in. It could be 60 seconds like a TikTok…If you are not watching TikTok yet you should - your students will make more sense to you and you can share in the "in-jokes".

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