Edexcel AS Business revision bundle 2022 only
  • Edexcel AS Business revision bundle 2022 only

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    AS Edexcel Business 2022 Advanced information revision bundle

    Revision activities to help you pass: 

    Paper 1 8BS0 / 01

    Paper 2 8BS0 / 02



    • PowerPoints on every AS business topic in the Advanced Information from Edexcel
    • Worksheets that follow the PowerPoints
    • Student versions of the PowerPoints that you can set as revision, homework or upload  to a shared drive
    • Teacher versions which include all the answers so you can use these for whole class revision
    • Lots of AS specific activities, videos, and AS specific sample questions
    • Exciting and colourful resources with up-to-date case studies which help to bring business to life
    • Save hours of planning time with this complete pack which has everything you need to help student pass Paper 1 Marketing and People and Paper 2 Managing Business activities
    • New! Retreival quizzes, plenary quizzes, lots more questions and more comprehensive worksheets
    • Our best AS pack ever!


    Included in this pack  - Paper 1

    Paper 1 (8BS0/01)
    1.1 Meeting customer needs
    1.1.1 The market
    1.1.3 Market positioning
    1.3 Marketing mix and strategy
    1.3.2 Branding and promotion
    1.3.3 Pricing strategies
    1.4 Managing people
    1.4.1 Approaches to staffing
    1.4.2 Recruitment, selection and training
    1.4.4 Motivation in theory and practice
    2.3 Managing finance
    2.3.1 Profit


    Paper 2 (8BS0/02)
    1.3 Marketing mix and strategy
    1.3.3 Pricing strategies
    1.3.4 Distribution
    2.1 Raising finance
    2.1.2 External finance
    2.2 Financial planning
    2.2.2 Sales, revenue and costs
    2.2.3 Break-even
    2.2.4 Budgets
    2.3 Managing finance
    2.3.1 Profit
    2.3.2 Liquidity
    2.4 Resource management
    2.4.1 Production, productivity and efficiency
    2.4.2 Capacity utilisation
    2.5 External influences
    2.5.1 Economic influences
    2.5.3 The competitive environment


    Please note this is NOT the complete AS course (that is still in development) this is just for the 2022 AS Business Exams from Edexcel.