Edexcel A Level Business complete 4 theme pack

Edexcel A Level Business complete 4 theme pack

Edexcel A Level Business - complete 4 theme pack. Save £20 on buying all 4 themes separately! Excellent bundle deal on one of our bestselling resources pack. Every single topic of the entire 2 year course done and ready for teaching.  Perfect for teaching from home as PPTs and Worksheets can be easily adapted (as required) and sent out to students. 



PowerPoints and Worksheets on every topic in this 2 year course. All 4 themes are covered in detail, everything you need to help your students pass the qualification.  Ideal for remote teaching. 

Theme 1 - Marketing and people

Theme 2 - Managing business activities

Theme 3 - Business decisions and strategy

Theme 4 - Global business


Why should I buy this pack?

If you are a non-subject specialist, NQT or PGCE student who has been given this A Level to teach, then this is the pack for you. Written by an experienced HOD who is currently teaching this spec. There will be everything you need in this pack to help you deliver fantastic, interesting and engaging lessons. Save yourself 100s of hours of planning.


If you are an experienced business teacher, and just want some fresh new resources to engage students in a more multimedia way than textbooks, then this pack could be just what you are loking for. 


The pack includes  lots of sample past paper questions to set as home works. The worksheets build up into a superb bank of notes that students can revise from at the end of the year. Still not sure? Have a look at our testimonials, or contact the author directly revisionstation@hotmail.co.uk



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