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Edexcel A Level Business Tricky Topics revision pack
  • Edexcel A Level Business Tricky Topics revision pack

     Tricky Topics revision worksheet pack

    Our fabulous new pack will help your students to practice the numerical skills needed for their Edexcel A Level business or Pearson Edexcel International A level Business course. 

    This is the updated version.  V8


    These worksheets include:

    • Explanations
    • Walkthroughs
    • Examples
    • Practice Questions
    • Answer booklets
    • Summary sheet of formulae to learn


    Courses they are suitable for:

    Edexcel A level Business

    Pearson Edexcel International A Level Business


    Topics included:

    Quantitive Sales Forecasting (QSF)

    Supply and demand



    Critical Path Analysis (CPS)

    Investment Appraisal (IA)

    Profit calculations

    Ratio analysis

    HRM calculations

    Decision Trees


    Capacity Utilisation calculation and interpretation


    Ways these worksheets can be used:

    For whole class teacher-led revision

    For differentiated class activities

    Set as homework on Teams or Google Classroom, Frog or VLE

    Set as catch-up for students that have been absent, or missed the topic the first time around

    Set as flipped learning tasks before a revision session

    Set as individual learning tasks to target specific learning needs

    Used as pair work in class

    Useful as a plenary for the end of a revision session

    Perfect for interleaving topics

    Great for retrieval starter activities


    Free samples are now available on the website's free samples page. 

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