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2024 Edexcel A Level Business Paper 3 teaching pack
  • 2024 Edexcel A Level Business Paper 3 teaching pack


    2024 Edexcel A Level Business Paper 3 teaching resources pack


    This resource includes: 


    • 2 BRAND NEW original mock exams with answers (not from past papers so students will not have seen them anywhere or be able to Google the answers.  These come with comprehensive answer sheets so you can go through the mocks with your class. 
    • PowerPoints on every topic point, linked to the syllabus to keep your students focussed and on task, over 500 slides to dip into 
    • Worksheets that closely follow the PowerPoint lessons  and help to engage your students, which will give them a superb bank of notes to revise from
    • Student versions of the PowerPoints so you can upload them to a Moodle, VLE, Teams or shared drive and easily set individual tasks, homework or catch-up work.
    • Self/peer marking grids to help students learn where marks are awarded, get instant feedback on their efforts and improve their assessment skills
    • Plenary quizzes to help students recall previously learned materials
    • Up-to-date relatable case studies which help students link the business theory to topics they already know about
    • Dual-coded slides to help students understand the more complex topics
    • Practice questions with answers
    • Calculation examples with answers
    • Lots of practice for students in applying their knowledge to the pre-release industry 
    • And lots of extra activities which you can use for homework or flipped learning tasks


    All you need to do is write a scheme of work and relax.  There will be at least 6 weeks' worth of work and activities to keep your students' research on task and on topic. 


    Activities can be used in a computer room or with just pens and paper!  Suitable for all types of schools and colleges. 


    Written by a current Edexcel A Level Business examiner, Keynote business teacher trainer, business teacher and small business owner - Sarah Hilton




    • Download link

      The digital download link lasts for 30 days so please download it as soon as possible.  It is a large Zip file so will need plenty of disc space to extract to.  Thanks again for your order and support of my sole trader business. 

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