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Ways for business teachers to use AI in the classroom

Updated: Dec 6, 2023


I have recently been busy training business teachers at CPD sessions and AI is the feature of these sessions that is having the most impact on teacher’s classroom practice.

Here are some suggestions to upskill yourself today. Don’t leave it, it will take about 10 minutes to master and will change how you work, hopefully reducing your workload.

It is possible that your school or college has blocked AI on the systems for students but left it open for staff. Whatever your circumstances I hope to be able to offer some quick practical suggestions of ways to use AI in your lessons without any technical knowledge. 

It should be noted that these are tools for you to use as a teacher, how your students use or do not use it will be a matter of school/college policy and is outside the scope of this blog.

Starting steps to do today:

1)     Create a new Hotmail  / Google / Yahoo email just for this


2) Sign up for CHATGPT on a computer it only requires an email there is nothing to pay.  There might be in the future but at the moment it is free.


3)     Download ChatBoX AI  APP to your phone so you can use AI as you move around the classroom, this also is an email signup and free to use.


4)     Embrace the dictation/narration function on the app. Even in a busy classroom instead of students watching you “text” on your phone, use the dictate function to quickly ask the AI a question.  Just press down the microphone icon on the app, you can even whisper it into the phone when the class is chatty, so you can have your answers ready


AI prompts

Learn the lingo – a prompt is what you type in to make the AI more efficient, so you can ask it: “As a business teacher of GCSE business, write 40 words to explain productivity”

Productivity in business measures the efficiency of converting inputs (such as labour and resources) into outputs (goods or services). It reflects how effectively a company utilizes its resources to maximize output, ultimately influencing profitability and competitiveness in the marketplace.


AI to restart discussions

As students are discussing a topic, if the discussion runs into dry ground or ideas dry up you can ask the AI to make some suggestions.  These will restart the discussion and may lead to some excellent analysis and evaluation by the students. For example:


It came up with:

AI to fact-check or help  research

Also, you can use it to fact-check or carry out some quick research, for example, to fetch some demographic information or business data.

Finally (and I leave the best until last) AI writes quizzes:

Your prompt into the AI:

“As a business teacher write a 5-question quiz for GCSE business students on productivity, JIT and inventory, and group the answers together at the end”


This is the reply

Certainly! Here's a 5-question quiz for GCSE business students focusing on productivity, Just-In-Time (JIT), and inventory management:

Quiz on Productivity, JIT, and Inventory Management

  1. Productivity:

  • Question: What is the formula for calculating labour productivity?

  • A) Output / Input

  • B) Input / Output

  • C) Output + Input

  • D) Output - Input

  1. Just-In-Time (JIT):

  • Question: In the context of JIT, what does "inventory waste" refer to?

  • A) Excess inventory leading to obsolescence

  • B) Insufficient inventory causing stockouts

  • C) Unused space in the warehouse

  • D) Delay in production due to lack of materials

  1. Inventory Management:

  • Question: Which of the following is a benefit of maintaining a lean inventory system?

  • A) Lower carrying costs

  • B) Increased order quantities

  • C) Higher risk of stockouts

  • D) Extended storage space

  1. Productivity Measurement:

  • Question: What is a key performance indicator (KPI) commonly used to measure overall business productivity?

  • A) Return on Investment (ROI)

  • B) Gross Profit Margin

  • C) Revenue per Employee

  • D) Market Share

  1. JIT Implementation:

  • Question: Why is communication crucial in successfully implementing a JIT system?

  • A) To reduce the need for suppliers

  • B) To minimize production lead times

  • C) To manage excess inventory

  • D) To increase order quantities


  1. A) Output / Input

  2. A) Excess inventory leading to obsolescence

  3. A) Lower carrying costs

  4. C) Revenue per Employee

  5. B) To minimize production lead times

Feel free to use this quiz as is or modify it to better suit the specific focus and level of your GCSE business students.

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Sarah is a business teacher trainer; she has taught business for 23 years and has been a business examiner for over 20 years. If you would like to book a staff CPD session or exam revision session for students (via Zoom) please email:


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