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Using examiner reports to improve exam grades in business education

Examiner reports have just been published on the exam board sites for this year's exams. I thought I might look into the ways that these useful documents could be used to help our business students and if they could be useful to reflect on our teaching methods. This is not an in-depth investigation but just a few ideas in a quick blog post.

What do examiner reports give us?

· Sample answers

· Common mistakes to avoid

· Where are marks being lost

· Identify Patterns

· More detailed feedback

· Where students did well (so this can be repeated)

· Gives guidance on what better-performing students did in the exams

How can we use examiner reports in business lessons?

· Share the examiner’s insight and comments with your students

· Give them to students as WAGOLL or WILF

· Give to students to work backwards from the answer to scaffold their own essay

How can we use examiner reports to reflect on our own teaching methods?

· Use for your own teaching to identify ways to improve

· Gives you a toolkit of tips and advice to help students go up a grade boundary

· Ideal for your marking, giving you some suggestions of comments to put on student’s work e.g. sound evaluation, this point is clear, you have used good counterbalance here, and so on...

Have a look at some examples here




I hope that has been helpful

Sarah Hilton

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