Top websites for teachers (part 1)

So I have been mooching about the Internet in pursuit of my latest hobby, which is gathering really useful websites ready for September. I think we may be more reliant on the Internet and computers than ever, especially if we are in areas that might go into lightening lockdowns at any time. If I need to switch back to online learning then I want to be ready. I also want to keep improving my classroom practice and save my voice, so I had a few agendas bubbling away. In the middle of all this I received my timetable for next year, with a healthy amount of Business Teaching mixed in with a smattering of Ks3 ICT. ICT is my second subject so I was delighted to see I still get some fun sessions coming up next year. So this changed what I was looking for somewhat, and so below is my jumble sale of useful websites (other collections are available). Let me know if you find anything useful or have one that should be added.

1) The random number generator

This website also has a coin flip function. I never carry money into classrooms (no pockets) so this is an awesome device for which team goes first when presenting...keeps you in control of the decision making rather than letting students flip it. Lots of scope here for them not to tell you the outcome, or stall, or comedy flips throwing it really high and then chasing it round the room.... this avoids all that.

Also does dice rolling and will randomise a list for you.

2) Airhorn website

This website is JUST a really loud airhorn. Great for end of timed essays, tests or just to attract attention without lots of shouting, so I will have this in my favourites bar.

If you have an interactive whiteboard you can also have it so team captains can run up to the board and press the horn when they know the answer to a quiz question.

3) Simple timer

This is a very simple timer, a small bar appears at the start which you drag to set the time, you can pause it and unlike google timers you can move it about and carry on doing other things while it is ticking away. Simple, big,easy to see at the back of the room. Great for timed essays.

4) Related words

Related words is great for when you want to write a quiz and you need alternative wrong words but that are maybe related in some way.

Also useful for students who need some suggestions of other words they could use to describe something. Project it and then look at list together. Like a giant super quick thesaurus.

I've used this almost every day for months when writing resources.

5) Dictation online tool

Online dictation tool to record class discussions

There are lots of these on the Internet, but this one was the simplest with no download or sign up.

Make sure you have a microphone attached and allow it access through a pop up box. If you can "borrow" one from drama, you could have a wireless one to pass round to record students.

Great for discussions or just when making notes ready for parents evening, I often just type thoughts first then fine hone using the data, with this I can just natter away and let it do the heavy lifting. You need to get used to saying "comma" and "new line" in your best BBC English voice. It didn't like my Brighton twang, so when I switched to my phone voice I got much better results.

More next week!

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