Summer holiday preparation

Getting ready for the new term

August is nearly upon us and once you have had a week in the sun somewhere, your mind will keep you up nights, planning and plotting trying to get you ready for the new term ahead. Embrace this and try and do one thing a day towards the new term and then it will feel more manageable as the day to go back looms large.

Have you planned your trips? You could try out some trips before you take the students there. Amazon have been offering trips to their fulfilment centres - link to the booking portal is here. Good for robots, automation, ecommerce and a wide variety of other topics I would imagine.

Have you bought a planner? Pirongs do a superb selection which can be customised. We have an unusual 9 period day and they are the only suppliers who seem to be able to accommodate that quirk easily. You can now even get them with the dates already printed on.

Have you bought your resources? Quick plug, superb resource from Revisionstation includes Powerpoints and worksheets that students can either complete themselves or with a group. A level and GCSE packs available cover every topic.

Have you bought a new flask or coffee mug? Don't leave it too late the John Lewis selection will be sold out by the end of August. Sounds a bit glib but you need to take care of yourself and so a new coffee mug comes under the wellbeing heading.

Have you changed your displays? It may be time to change what you have on your boards, if you can plan this out in the holidays, you can have a quick change over on Inset day.

Have you planned some introductory ice breakers? What are you going to do with your new groups? Have you made an icebreaker bingo sheet or thought up a "what do you already know" quiz? In larger schools this may be the first time that these students have worked together. Get off to a flying start with some wow activities.

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