Classroom decoration sets high expectations

So I have opened the PDF that Edexcel publish each year for the paper 3 – there is a big build up and I am quite excited to find out what the topic will be. My students were thinking “snacks” or “cars” as a possible topic, so I am keen to see if they are right.

I open the file on the 29th November, the first publication date, and I am delighted to see it’s the entertainment industry! I am pleased about this for a number of reasons;

  • Netflix and Spotify is relatable to student’s experience of life and use of a business. One year (old spec) the topic was green energy and not one student had ever paid an electric bill. Another year it was vaping and again I had not one student who smoked or vaped. This year I have a full house of students who "Netflix and Chill" to relax.

  • There is a wealth of information readily available on the Internet – which makes my job easier when writing the resource packs

  • It instantly suggested to me a classroom display that could be used to raise expectations – a Hollywood theme.

I ordered a few cheap bits from Amazon, borrowed a few others and have now completed my classroom display. I am excited about the theme and I am to communicate this to my students, excitement means creativity. Creativity means engagement. Engagement and high expectations means an increase in effort and attainment at a difficult time of year.

Year 13 students will be tackling this topic after their mocks, after Christmas, after Uni offers and in the run up to the live exams. The wind can literally go out of their sails. A classy room display can help to maintain this interest and excitement in the subject.

Pleases send me photos of your displays….

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