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Numerical calculation work pack


A brilliant resource bundle designed to give your sixth form students support on the calculations on the Edexcel A Level business current syllabus.


The PowerPoints and worksheets can be used for whole class teaching or used by individuals. Tasks can be set in class or set for homework.


Some of the short calculation questions (4 marks) can be almost logic problems to solve. 


This pack will help your students to use the formulae and unravel the mysteries of the 4 marker question.

Included in this bundle:

  • Break-even calculations

  • Cash flow calculations

  • Graphs and charts calculations

  • RM calculations

  • Quantitative skills calculations

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  • Gives students complete exam preparation with lots of examples

  • Using charts and graphs gives the students lots of practice on how to read any of the different charts that they might see in the final exam

  • Help all your students boost their marks

  • Help A students achieve the A*

  • Trying out these types of questions will improve students’ confidence and speed in the exams

  • Inspired by students to be as accessible and enjoyable as possible



I'm currently working on the calculation packs, and they've been a life saver in these circumstances! I don't want to move onto theme 3 yet because we aren't in school, but I've needed constructive work to give to my class. I'm currently recording videos of me speaking and going through Revisionstation PP slides, and I add my on notes and animations onto them.

I think you have saved my job many times throughout the last 5 years without even knowing. It's so easy in emergency or a rush to open a PowerPoint with everything ready to go.

Luke Brown Business Teacher (Review published with permission)

Num calcs PPT.JPG
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