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GCSE Edexcel Resources

​SALE! New updated 2019 version! Edexcel GCSE business complete two year
teaching resource pack 

Sale price currently £60

Everything you need to help your students pass:

  • Theme 1: Investigating small business (*Paper code: 1BS0/01)

  • Theme 2: Building a business (Paper code: 1BS0/02)



Pack includes:

Worksheets on every topic area for two years – imagine how much time you could save. 

These also build into a superb bank of revision notes for students to use at exam time. 

Each worksheet is numbered so students can keep tidy and organised files and easily see which topics they have missed.

Exciting and colourful PowerPoints on every topic area which include; starters, lesson objectives, plenary activities,

sample questions, quizzes videos and teenager friendly case studies which help to engage mixed ability learners.

This is the new updated version for 2019 – this latest version includes:

  • 100s of new activities

  • Lots of new questions to make your lessons more stimulating and interactive

  • New exciting worksheets

  • New PowerPoints on every topic which cover the entire syllabus

  • Straightforward lessons to support your classroom

  • Save yourself hours of planning time

  • Updated links and case studies ready for 2019

  • Lots of fresh multimedia content, new videos, articles, weblinks, case studies

  • Students develop a solid business vocab, practice exam technique and learn theory



  • Save yourself hours of planning, why re-invent the wheel every Sunday night?

  • Pay once and photocopy and use as much as you want.

  • Closely follows the Edexcel GCSE 9-1 new syllabus

  • Use a system already successfully used by 100s of schools and colleges

  • Get back control of your classroom with tight lessons which are chunked with engaging scaffolded activities

  • Boost your student’s grades

  • Fully editable resources so you can add a school logo or add in activities

  • Buy the pack and then just write a scheme of work – it’s that simple!

Edexcel GCSE Business samples

A Level Edexcel Resources

All 4 themes bundle
Edexcel A Level Business complete 2 year teaching resource pack
Includes disc and download
Sale price currently £70 for entire bundle

Everything you need to help your students to pass:

  • Paper 1: Marketing, people and global businesses *Paper code: 9BS0/01

  • Paper 2: Business activities, decisions and strategy *Paper code: 9BS0/02

  • Paper 3: Investigating business in a competitive environment *Paper code: 9BS0/03

All 4 Themes:

Theme 1 -  Marketing and People

Theme 2 -  Managing Business Activities

Theme 3 -  Business Decisions and Strategies

Theme 4 -  Global Business


This complete pack includes:

  • Lively and exciting PowerPoints on every topic area, which follow the syllabus, so you can relax and enjoy teaching our groups.  PowerPoints include; discussion questions, sample exam questions, quizzes, plenary activities, videos, links, and lots of up-to-date teenager friendly case studies.

  • Worksheets on every topic area for the whole two year course – these are all in Word, are full editable and carefully follow the PowerPoints.  Students complete these worksheets while you teach from the board.

  • The price includes a download link so you can get to the resources today.  Join the 100s of schools who have ditched expensive text books and are successfully using this complete organised system. All you need to do each morning is print out the worksheets for your group.  Some schools print the whole year’s worksheets and give to students as a complete pack.  They can then use the PowerPoints on a shared drive to catch up with any work they might have missed.

  • All worksheets and PowerPoints are fully editable so you can add your school logo or add in your own activities.  Why spend hours every day planning and organising resources, when you can buy this pack and relax and enjoy teaching your classes knowing you have the syllabus covered. All you need to do is write a scheme of work.


  • Save money – no need to buy expensive class sets of text books

  • Upload to shared drive for revision / catch up

  • Save hours of planning time

  • Exciting resources, tried and tested activities help to focus your groups and engage mixed ability learners.

  • Improve results and classroom behaviour with chunked activities

  • One off payment, no yearly subscription, resources are yours to keep and adapt


Can I buy separate themes?

If you would like to buy just one theme, to see how you get on, then they are all available separately for just £20 each. Less than a round of drinks or lunch for two in a gastro pub. Think how much time these resources will save you.  You can arrive at work relaxed because all the planning is taken care of. 

Edexcel A Level business samples

AS Level Edexcel Resources

1 year course

Now completely updated for 2019
Edexcel AS Business 1 year teaching resource  pack 
Includes disc and download
Just £40 for the entire pack
Everything you need to help your students pass:

Paper 1: Marketing and People 8BS01 / 01

Paper 2: Managing Business Activities 8BS02 / 02


Theme 1 - Marketing and People AS version

Theme 2 - Managing Business activities AS Version

  • Both AS themes are included in this pack

  • PowerPoints for every topic in the AS syllabus

  • Worksheets for every topic in the AS syllabus that go with the PowerPoints

  • AS specific sample questions from Edexcel

  • Can be used by teachers for whole class teaching or for individuals as a revision tool

  • Can be set as holiday or revision work

Edexcel AS level business samples


Edexcel A Level paper 3 teaching resource packs 

Changes every year depending on exam board pre-release 
Paper 3 pre-release teacher resources pack:

Each November, as part of the Edexcel A Level Business course, the exam board publishes a pre-release activity or area of study for the students - which relates to the paper 3 of the qualification.

Each year Revisionstation writes packs to go with the themes.  Often when you leave students to carry out some research they don't make useful use of their time. The new pack will be available to buy from December 2019 ready for first teaching in Jan 2020.

Pack contents:
  • PowerPoints on every topic, stuffed full of related theory, sample questions, suggested activities, videos and more.

  • Worksheets on every topic area 

  • Mock exams with answers

Advantages of the packs:
  • Keeps students on task

  • Boost grades

  • Keeps lesson structure tight, maintains student behaviour

  • Mock exams are a useful tool for guiding students on the types of questions they might get

  • Written by an award winning HOD who is teaching this to her own year 13 groups, so all the activities are tried and tested.


Teaching resource packs from previous years :

Previous packs are now available to purchase for just £10.  These may be useful, depending on your context,to set for students as holiday work packs or as additionality for students looking for an A*.  Also if you are thinking of buying the new pack and you buy an old pack, this will give you a really good idea of the quality of the content.

Why pre-order?

This secures your pack order and the price of £50 held from last year.  As soon as the pack is written you will get a disc and a link automatically.  Order it now and relax knowing that by January 2020 you will have your pack ready to teach your year 13s.The pack will include PowerPoints and worksheets on every topic area and three mock exams with answers. 

Edexcel a level business paper 3 pack samples


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