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2023 paper 3

This is a pre-order, expected publication date will be January 2023

In November 2022 Edexcel will publish the pre-release materials for the Edexcel A level Business Paper 3

Revisionstation has a long history of producing entire teaching packs for this specification and this year is no exception - and we are going bigger and better than ever!

What will be in the 2023 pack?

The context is yet unknown, but the pack will include:

  • 2 mock exams with answers

  • PowerPoints on every topic point to keep your students focussed and on task

  • Worksheets that closely follow the PowerPoint lessons and continue to engage your students

  • Student versions of the PowerPoints so you can upload them to a moodle to VLE and easily set individual tasks, revision, homework or catch-up work.

  • Self/peer marking grids to help students to learn where marks are awarded, get instant feedback on their effort and improve their assessment skills

  • Retrieval quizzes to help students recall previously studied topics

  • Up-to-date relatable case studies which help students to link the business theory to topics they already know about

  • Dual coded slides to help students to unpack the more complex topics

  • Practice questions with answers

  • Calculation examples with answers

  • Plenary quizzes so you can check levels of understanding

These free samples are from a previous version of the Paper 3 pack

Please note: We are currently unable to take purchase orders so please order via the site shop, thank you